Large abstract painting inspired by spring blossoms against a blue sky by Canadian artist Gregg Simpson.

Blossoms 2 - Acrylic Painting

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Early blossoms in the bucolic landscape and soft atmosphere of the Perche region in central Normandy swirl across this abstract painting. Blossoms 2 is a large, horizontal canvas perfect for a wall above a couch.  

For two months, I was the Artist-in-Residence at Rouges-en-Vert, a Studio/Gallery located near the charming village of Soligny-la-Trappe. In all the paintings in the Perche Mode series, I borrow Impressionist techniques to capture the bucolic atmosphere of the Perche region of Normandy. 

Acrylic on canvas, 37.5" x 60". Unframed with painted edges. Signed and dated on the back and wired for hanging. Shipped in a crate with a Certificate of Authenticity.