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With every purchase of a work of art from this website priced at over $1,500, please choose a pastel drawing from the Free Pastels collection. Your matted and shrink-wrapped pastel will be delivered along with the work you purchased.

Gregg Simpson created each of the pastel drawings while traveling in Europe over the past thirty years. See the product description for each work for details.

Choose a pastel and add it to your cart. Your pastel will be sent along with your purchased work of art. 

Left Bank


Midday Markings


Crescent Landscape


Charismatic Cliffside

Goddess Figure


Pastel & Pen: Travels in Europe

Purchase Pastel & Pen: Travels in Europe (New Arcadia Publishing, 2018)  from this site for $20 and save 15% off the list price! This "non-collaborative collaboration" with  Carol M. Cram, an award-winning author of historical fiction engage your senses and tweak your funny bone.

Plunge into a flamenco club in Seville, roll down ocher cliffs in Provence, survive a disastrous performance of Aida in Verona, and find out what the heck is Robbie Bubble.

Carol M. Cram’s eye for the hilarious and the poignant keep you turning the pages. Gregg Simpson’s lusciously beautiful pastel drawings encourage you to pause and enjoy. 

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